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Understanding Venous Ultrasound Studies

Oct 10, 2022 2:42:00 PM Dr. Kunal Vani, DO, FACS

With all the state-of-the-art equipment we have and our team of board-certified vascular doctors, our primary focus is to help prevent serious diseases and improve your vascular health.

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What You Need to Know About Varicose Vein Ablations

Aug 31, 2022 12:41:31 PM Dr. Salvador A. Cuadra, MD, FACS

For those unfamiliar with the term ablation, it is simply the removal of an object. However, there are many ways to perform this removal and many different situations to perform it in. In our case, we’re going to focus on ablation and its use...

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Post-Surgery Aftercare Tips for Maintaining Healthy-Looking Veins

Jun 3, 2022 4:13:41 PM Dr. Salvador A. Cuadra, MD, FACS

Varicose veins most commonly appear in the legs and are caused by the abnormal enlargement of superficial blood vessels. While the condition affects up to 30% of the adult population, it's more prevalent in women than men. Fortunately,...

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Does Chelation Therapy Work to Get Rid of the Plaque in My Arteries?

Mar 27, 2022 9:50:11 AM Dr. Clifford Sales, MD, MBA, FACS

We take pride in being a medical practice that focuses on sharing knowledge and showing transparency with our patients. This has been an underlying principle since the inception of our New Jersey-based group in 1963.

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What is a D-dimer Test and When Do You Need One?

Mar 4, 2022 7:22:37 PM Dr. Cindy Sturt, MD, FACS

If you are currently or considering seeking treatment for vein and vascular issues, chances are you may have heard of a D-dimer test. However, if you are unsure what a D-dimer test is and how it works, you aren't alone! This post will answer...

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